Friday, 1 February 2013

Owls, goggles and dreads!

The last few days have consisted mostly of me lying in bed or on the bathroom floor... as I've been down with stomach flue.

I am however feeling a bit better! So there will be some drawing done this weekend and back to my day job on monday:)

On sunday, I managed to draw a little something. I had just finished a commission and wanted to make something simple.
Must say, working the way I do with colours now, it's a lot more enjoyable and easy to make something. So yey!

(I love small fat owls...)

(close up... because of reasons...)

Later today, I'm going to hook up with a few lady friends and have an awesome google hangout!
I'll share the youtube channel once we've had our first little session:3

I'm wondering if I should try to do a time laps of a drawing, just for my own sake, to see the progress...

Well, that was a lot simpler than my last post... 
Next time folks.

Hokay BYE!

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