Friday, 25 January 2013

How about now?

I think that maybe every other Friday is a bit seldom... So I'm going for every Friday instead:D

I'm currently working on some commission stuff as well as trying to make a few new drawings for my portfolio. I really want to have a physical portfolio, because... I dunno... Last time I was in Den Haag, I bought this really nice portfolio which I'm dying to put in use... And you never know... it might be useful one day...

So usually when I work on commissions I'm not to show what I'm working on, which leads to me forgetting about it when I am allowed to show it of... So I thought I'd show you what I worked on in september 2012.

A friend of my boyfriend hooked me up with a rather nice gig. It was properly payed for and the work conditions were good.

Company I did the work for was Fragments AS, which is where my bf's friend works. They wanted me to do a matte painting for an "advert" (a info film that reminds you to recycle). More precisely, a holiday "advert" which would run on national tv and maybe even be screened before movies at the cinema!

Soo, lets have a looksie at the work I did, shall we:

As soon as I got the call I did some really quick sketches in my sketchbook on my way home from a meeting I just had with another client. These sketches was just to remember how I was thinking, before it slipped out while I was working on something else.

After a meeting with fragments, I started working on a more detailed sketch, and I sent this for approval:

My sketch was approved! Time to bring out le big guns and start this painting for real. I got some houses, modeled in Maya (I think...) to use as reference on the houses in the mid ground.

This is what I eventually came up with:

The clouds was voted against, they made the drawing a bit too cartoony, which I totally see. So we removed them. In the end,  the mountains were removed as well.

Here's what it looked like in the advert:

One with the text as shown on tv and one clean one. If you'd like to see the advert, it can be found HERE. There's also a little how it was made film there, which is worth watching:)

I'll just leave the video here as well, in case you don't want to click on a link...:

Well, that was all I had this time. Hope you enjoyed, and next Friday I'll give you some other juicy stuff:D

Hokay BYE!

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