Friday, 22 February 2013

doodle dee...

I'm just amazing when it comes to tittles for my blog posts, don't you agree?

Anyway, today I'm going to London with my mother and two sisters:) It's going to be really nice, as I haven't traveled with all of them for some time now.
And I'm really looking forward to stroll around London again and have afternoon tea^^

The drawing I showed a wip of last time isn't done yet, as I've been working on other stuff. That include other drawings and the project I'm currently figuring out with a friend. As I don't feel the project we're currently working on is ready to be put out in the open, I'm not gonna share that.

But I'll show you the other drawings I've done since last time though:)
One is just a silly drawing I did of my bf from memory, as I just wanted to do something quick for warm ups, but ended up taking a bit more of my time.

It doesn't actually look very much like him... If I'm to draw him again I'll use proper reference.

The other drawing is this one, I'm hoping to do a little series of these. Of all the elements.. Would be fun. It didn't take too long to do either, and it's a good excuse to draw pretty girls in safe poses... Maybe I'll try and be a bit more daring with the other elements... But have earth in a safe pose for now:3

Hopefully I'll have some other elements and the fish drawing done by next time, we'll see how much I've got to work at my day job though.

But there will always be more drawings^^ maybe some sketches from Laaanden....


Hokay BYE!

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