Monday, 16 September 2013



I'm back from a longer hiatus to blog once a week again. Sorry for the sudden absence, stuff happened and time was tight.

Anyway, I come bringing gifts!
SO first up, the big news: the website is finally finished! Run check it out, it has a portfolio section, a news section and other neat stuff:)

I'm pleased with how it turned out, thank you so much to my awesome dutch web coder dude^^ 

And then I have this drawing, which started out as fanart of Adnan Cly from Cheri Priests Clockwork Century novels... But things changed and it ended up as a doc worker in London:P

I also finished this drawing, which I started like, billions of months ago:P It started out quite different, and after taking two months away from it, I decided it was better to start over from scratch..

Other than that, I've also started a society6 shop thing! So if you feel like buying some drawings, head over to a-vinter ( on society6 and get your dose.

There's not a lot of stuff there atm, as I'm having some trouble finding out what people would be interested in buying... If you have any requests, let me know^^

Last weekend I was in Trondheim at Torucon, shearing a table with Drink 'n' Draw Trondheim. Was nice meeting an old friend again and chatting. It was also interesting to see what needs to be on a table to sell anything at conventions like this:P I sold the massive amount of 3 prints, but my co-sellers sold plenty more and I'm really proud of them^^

I also have a bunch of sketches, but that's for next time. No point in making the comeback post too big:P

So that was all I had this time around...
Be sure to check in next monday for updated goodness!

Hokay BYE!

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