Friday, 31 May 2013


Hello interwebs,

Sorry for the skip in post, I've been extremely busy as of late, but now things seems to be calming down a bit:)

I don't have any drawings to share with you today, but my new moo ( business cards arrived yesterday, and they're looking really good! I chose the mat rounded corner ones and I'm really pleased with the result.

Little fatty owl is also present on my cards, and when my website is all done, it'll all be nice and cohesive^^ sadly, I have no idea when it'll be done:/ hopefully in not too long...

Most of next week will consist of drawing and trying to connect with potential clients, scary and fun at the same time...
I'm going to see if I'll be able to get a proper portfolio printed as well. I have my iPad, which I currently use as a portfolio, but I think a printed one would add a little extra. Maybe I'll bring booklets or something, so I can leave it behind when I've been at clients... What do you think?

Ok, I think that was more or less all I have for you, even though I haven't posted anything in two weeks... It feels like I have so much to show, but I'm not in a position to show it yet, so be patient and I'll show more as things gets ok to show^^

I'll also show of my little side project soon:D think I'll make a dev blog for it when I think it's ready and I know I'll be able to work properly on it^^

Hokey BYE!

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