Friday, 10 May 2013

doodle post

Why hellu,

I haven't actually finished the drawing I wanted to finish this week... Because it failed and I had to scrap it, and start over again. Which made me frustrated, so I started making a walk cycle instead... shorre...

But I do have some doodles though! The first one is of me and my bf, the second one is a bunch of croquis drawings collected over the last half year, that'll be like, the three or four times I've gone so far... (yeah, I don't go often enough... shame on me...)

OH, news on my new website! It's not done yet:( but here's to it hopefully being done soon^^ in the mean time, have another owl!

Ok, well that was all for this time! I think I might feel comfortable shearing my secret project soon... soooooon..

Hokay BYE!

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